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About Central

We are excited to have the opportunity to share with you what Central Church of Christ is all about.  At Central, our vision is to be a Biblically functioning family of believers growing deeper through worship and teaching, larger through evangelism, stronger through discipleship, warmer through fellowship and broader through ministry.

At Central, the statement “Every Member is a Minister” is more than an ideal, but a reflection of a life lived 24/7 in service to Jesus Christ. We believe that the life of a follower of Jesus Christ requires more than a once-a-week, Sunday-morning “fix” of Christianity. We encourage each of our members to connect to the life of the church each week in three key areas: Worship and Teaching, Community, and Evangelism.


A note from our minister;

Welcome!  I’m really glad that you visited our website. That’s because I see your visit as an opportunity; it’s an opportunity for you to find out what Central Church of Christ in Spartanburg, SC, and Christianity, is all about. And it’s an opportunity for us to connect with you and invite you to become part of our family. (If you aren’t already, of course!).

I have the privilege and responsibility of teaching  people how to develop and grow in a personal relationship with God. I get to share the message of Christianity each time I preach a sermon or teach a Bible class. Our dream, however, is for Central to become a church where that message is also shared in our homes, our offices, our neighborhoods, our communities,  … in short, in our everyday lives 24-7.

I am passionate about connecting people to Jesus and one another. I hope this website accomplishes that, at least to some degree, in your life.

Enjoy your visit. And please, if you have any questions, contact us.

God bless you,
                      Ernie Thigpen